Light Skater

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Exceptional is this moment where everything in me explodes into light.

Light so vibrant you can barely lay eyes upon it.

I am fierce and wild and full of the power of God.

Light oozes from my skin breaking the boundaries of man-made laws and material manifestations.

I am starlight condensed into diamond cells.

Each possessing the story of a thousand lifetimes.

Stories that define me or I discard, if I choose.

No limits.

A falcon whose vision expands a million plains.

No past or future, only now.

A celestial body that rips through the atmosphere brilliant, captivating and free.

Look closely at me.

I am you.

You are me.


Follow me now!

We are light skating across the firmament

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Bing Celestial Bodies Image Search








Copyright Noelle Vignola 9/8/2015


19 thoughts on “Light Skater

  1. Another Wow! I felt like running outside and doing something impossible, absurd and ludicrous. Even as I read this post Noelle I felt alive. Wow! again.

    • My own photography just didn’t cut it. So I played around looking for images of light that would pull me in.

      What is really cool about this, is this just happened to me this morning. Truly, one of those moments when you know you have come to understand a spiritual concept at a deep level that simply changes the way you see yourself and the world. I walked in from the garage at work, sat down and wrote this piece in a just a few minutes. I felt completely on fire. Still do….. I have been working toward this for years, actually, but when you finally understand something, it feels as if it all happened in an instant.

      Don’t you love it when spirit just rocks through your brain and you are now someone totally different? Perfection….

    • When I sat down to write this, I thought, “Just let this energy guide your hands across the key board. Let it all keep coming through.” So yes, I think you are completely right. All of it was really spirit.

  2. Standing with you while the whole star show swirls through. I love when we are smote with the vision of Eternity, and every cell is casting its vote together… I think these moments mean far more than we dare guess, and in that spirit… thank you for opening yourself so to these invisible currents… 🙂


    • I love your comment, “I think these moments mean far more than we dare guess….” I was thinking about that yesterday afternoon. Reflecting on the morning, wondering how such moments alter us right down to our DNA. We find it easy to see how we can make ourselves sick, but the reverse then must also be true in this duality universe. We can open up our thoughts to such light as to alter the very evolutionary path of our species.

  3. Please add another WOW!! to the accumulation above. I am extremely tired at the moment and that vision gives me motivation to keep on, keeping on.

  4. So beautiful Noelle , truly … moments of deep truth appearing everywhere we look if only we see from our hearts which you share with so much grace . Thankyou for your dearness my sweet friend , love , megxxx

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