Little Girl Swirling

I attended my cousin Brent’s wedding in Chicago. This was the flower girl. I never got her name. She danced and twirled loving the feel of her dress and the power of her boots. When you are five everything goes together, because it’s never about the appearance, as how good you feel when you see yourself in it. So if you feel good about the dress and you feel good about the boots, well then, they must go together.

Boys, I’m sure, have their own thing, but for little girls it’s all about the dress. When I was her age I had a chocolate brown satin and velvet dress for special occasions. I wore it with black, patten leather Mary Janes. The skirt twirled deliciously when I spun. I’d stand in my parent’s bedroom where there was a full length mirror and dance and pose at myself. I wonder sometimes how it is we lose pleasure in our own beauty. As children it comes so naturally, but then as we age, we seem to forget. Maybe it’s the dress. Lose the swirling skirt and you lose your way. You lose the ability to be carefree and dance about for no other reason than it just feels good.

I watched her for sometime. It’s hard to turn away from that sort of magic.

10 thoughts on “Little Girl Swirling

  1. You may have seen your 5-year old inner child swirling just like her. I am sure that you still keep the ability inside of yourself to be carefree and dance about for no other reason than it just feels good through mindfulness. Well-done in your gallery plan!

  2. I loved this! My whole platform or at least what I write about a lot is, about our inner child. I think those of us who can still love the magic in children have a pretty healthy inner child that we can draw from and appreciate things like the twirling. I hate to think that there were a few who were annoyed with it. THOSE are the ones that don’t have any memory of their own childhood. The ones who don’t like children. How sad to not find the beauty in the child twirling. What a beautiful picture you have painted for us! Thank you♡

    • This was at my cousin’s wedding and she was, of course, th flower girl. I posted the picture on Facebook and the mom, who is friends with my cousin, replied back. She, like you, feels that her daughter has re-awakened the child in her. She is always dancing, she said. Isn’t that a lesson for us all? And really, it was the boots that made the whole outfit. Who needs fancy shoes when you have good mucklucks and princess dress, right? Truly, thank you for your visit. I only had a brief moment this morning to read your blog, but saved it to return to tonight. You have a lovely whimsical nature while still addressing serious things that I like.

    • I am making career shifts, too. I just started a coaching practice and some opportunities are coming up that are in alignment with coaching, but definitely will be pushing my comfort zone and not wholly sure yet where they’ll take me. I want to do things that grow me and push me a bit and bring out my best talents. Still, gulp, gulp…. looks like a big leap!

      If your own career choices bring out the best in you, highlight your best talents, make you feel good about yourself and supported than that path can only be forward. Good luck to you. Namaste

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