Images from a Train: Motion

In the distortions and flashes I see my image. The bridge of my nose another geometry in a flashing landscape. Coal has already passed on the previous cars – strapped lumber, too. The rails are one of the few places in the country where a passenger goes last. Passenger trains stop for all the cargo that moves. Milk and oil tankers, flatbeds of slate and shale and bales of grasses for cattle lands. Graffiti is a color smear against the gun metal.

My reflection comes and goes between the cars and I realize this is true of all of me. I am what exists between each thought, as life exists, flashing between each car.

5 thoughts on “Images from a Train: Motion

  1. Portendo helped me figure out how to use the tile mosaic. I have so many photos from the train trip there is just no way to post them any other way. I am definitely getting more confidence to post what I think, creatively, I really like. Thanks for the encouragement and your own work. It inspires me to be bold, too.

  2. What exists between each thought and the flashing between each car must be true self (non-separate self). Each thought and each car must be your ego (separate self). And the flashing must be your insight based on right perception (detachment). I wish I could be caught by the flashing all the time!

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