On the Road to Waterton: Part II

In love am I here along the creek. Each time I come to Waterton Canyon I bike a little further in along the Denver Water works road. On this day I met up with Bighorn sheep grazing on winter grasses. The view is winter brown and the sheep can be lost amongst the rocks and nearly impossible to see. There are aspects that feel monochromatic in all that beige and brown. Yet winter brings out the harder edges and the deep crevices, summer hid with leaves. Later when I play in black and white the contrast of tree against the ridge is striking. The blue of the sky missed peering down the canyon is remembered in digital, as if I just walked back in.

On this day I biked alone. Something I’ve taken to doing a lot lately. For many of us, myself included, we wait to do things until the right companion comes along, but then the spring becomes summer and the summer fall. Time ticks by and the trail you longed to walk remains unsullied by the gum of your boot. The turn of light has come and gone and the boat-tailed grackles have left the nests. Waiting to do the things we love becomes it’s own form of aging, because the longing eats away our sense of promise and youth. More importantly we miss what good company we make. Friendship is so much sweeter when first we befriend ourselves.

6 thoughts on “On the Road to Waterton: Part II

    • Yes, we often want others to spend time with us, when we so often will not spend time with ourselves. Love yours and Lisa’s site. Been lovely visiting. I needed the boost today. Namaste and blessings, my friends.

  1. I do that too when Ted isn’t up to walking or the cool weather. It gets to be easy to say that I will wait and enjoy it with him another day……or it won’t be fun if he isn’t there, etc. Excuses to ignore my inner self, because I am just putting it off a day or two that doesn’t come.

  2. “Waiting to do the things you love become’s it’s own form of aging” – so true!! I love what you’ve written in that last paragraph!

    • Thank you. That line seemed to touch many people so I’m thinking my feeling is shared by many, too. Why do we wait? We’re either alone at home or alone on a trail, a bike or whatever. It isn’t as if we avoid being alone by not doing what we love. Really an odd habit, when you think about it.

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