Angle of Light

My fascination with light is nothing unique, every great photographer, artist and painter has been captivated by this ephemeral gold. It effects what we see, in each moment, As if we are seeing the thing we observe anew. The objects are always the same, of course, but the angle of light offers a continually changing and fresh perspective. Light never detracts from the beauty of a thing, but rather offers us a different perspective on what beauty actually lies there at any given moment. In this way, light is much like water, always altering and changing itself and the environment.

Spirit is a lot like this, too. Offering me an endless series of opportunities to see different facets of beauty in the things I look upon each day. Even in what I see within myself. Spirit is never the same in how I perceive it, though as a non-substance substance, it remains eternally the same.

8 thoughts on “Angle of Light

    • I got into photography as a fellow photographer noted that you can’t be in any other moment than this now to take a photograph. I was having a rough time and he suggested photography as a mindfulness practice. I have to say it is one of the most pinpoint, mindful acts you can engage in and not be seated in the lotus position on a cushion. Thanks for stopping in, my friend.

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